Hack the Flag


✨🎈🎉Massive congratulations to our 6 winning teams. It wasn’t easy! 🎉🎈✨
Enusec will be in touch about your prizes.


Congratulations Team Name, TessPatsyAbi, and Peepers of the Picnic -top 3 teams in HTF2

Hack the Flag 2 scoreboard


Congratulations Metasplam, or 1=1:#, and ravenclaw_penguins – top three teams in HTF1.

Hack the Flag 1 scoreboard

Solving the challenges

Still puzzling? Here’s some info on how to solve the more difficult challenges.

About the competition

12-14 and 19-21 October 2021

Develop and challenge your cyber skills in ENUSEC’s capture the flag cybersecurity competition, with challenges based on cryptography, open-source intelligence and more! The first 3 places on the leaderboard for each competition will win these brilliant prizes:

  1. Arduino starter kits
  2. Bundle of Cyber-security books
  3. Touch screen adapted gloves

If you’re at high school or college, enter on your own or grab up to three of your friends to form a team, and put your problem solving abilities to the test.



Got questions? Sign up to the event’s Discord server and the ENUSEC team will answer your questions.


The sessions are designed and led by Edinburgh Napier University Security Society (ENUSEC) a society of students and staff interested in all aspects of cybersecurity.

About capture the flag

Capture the flag is a cybersecurity competition that’s usually held live. Like a physical capture the flag game, teams compete against each other, but here the goal is to solve different computer-related problems (eg. Steganography, cryptography, open source investigation, web code problems and pen challenges). For each, you’ll be given a flag solution (formatted in a clear way) and score points.