Welcome to the Ada Scotland Festival

The 2021 Festival has come to an end!

You can find recordings from many of this year’s events and activities here on the website. We hope you’ll join us next year for Ada Scotland Festival 2022. If you’d like to stay in touch please register for our newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/heax4r

In the meantime, nominations for the Ada Scotland Inspiring Teacher Award 2021 are still open, and we’ve just launched a competition for school pupils to win copies of Craig Steele’s amazing book, Ultimate Gamer: Career Mode!

Building gender balance in computer science

Ada Scotland hero image

The number of girls studying Computing Science today is almost 80% lower than it was in 2000. The Ada Scotland Festival is working to change that.

Together with our partners and supporters, we’re inspiring, educating, rewarding and awarding to ensure the future of Computing Science in Scotland is gender balanced. Join us.

The Ada Scotland Festival launched in October 2020, featuring 32 partners, 16 live events, and dozens of other activities. You can view all of the videos and activities from the 2020 Festival here.