ENUSEC presents: Capture the Flag Competition

Congratulations to the 3 winning teams:

1stPlaceholderStirling High School1863 points
2nd0x706965726f6769Edinburgh College1760 points
3rdFor the StickersSt Modan’s High School1563 points


We will be in touch asap about your prizes!

ENUSEC prizes: T-shirts, stickers, pens
ENUSEC prizes: T-shirts, stickers, pens

Develop and challenge your cyber skills in ENUSEC’s (Edinburgh Napier Security Society) Capture the Flag cybersecurity competition, with challenges based on cryptography, open-source intelligence and more!

If you’re at high school (S3-6), college,or university enter on your own or grab up to three of your friends to form a team and put your problem-solving abilities to the test.

The competition will run throughout the Ada Scotland Festival 2-13 October.

T-shirts, pens, and stickers for winning teams.


Register opens Monday 2nd October: https://ctf.enusec.org/

For more info contact team@enusec.org.


At Edinburgh Napier University Security Society (ENUSEC), we host weekly meetups for our members, during which we host practical sessions on platforms such as TryHackMe or Hack The Box, or assist with any deadlines our members may have, or host both professional and student speakers. With numerous alumni of ENUSEC working for a range of tech companies, we wish to share our network with members to help them further their career portfolio in turn helping to acquire jobs or placements within industry. We have an open discord – discord.enusec.org and a website enusec.org

Our aim is to make cyber security as accessible as possible and encourage anyone and everyone to get involved in the cyber security scene. This year we are especially pushing to break down the stigma and encourage more women and gender diverse people to take interest. Our main target are those in schools and colleges as that is where the stigma starts.

We are also hosting CTF (a cyber security practical competition using essential real-life skills) challenges for those studying computing as a subject (leaning towards higher/advanced higher) and college classes. This will be open for the whole Ada Scotland Festival and the winners will be announced the following week.

 Our flagship event Le Tour Du Hack also offers a great opportunity to network with industry sponsors and speakers while they present on a range of subjects from cyber-security areas (eg. How to use Applications, Digital Forensics). The event also hosts a CTF competition where people (mostly students) come from across the country come to compete, offering a chance to sharpen skills while interacting with others who have similar interests.