Hearts of Midlothian FC Digital Education for Primary School events (P4-P7)

Ready, Set, Lego! (P4-P7)
Robotic Adventures in STEM

Using the Lego Spike Essentials kit participants dive into the realms of STEM while exploring the world of robotics and its endless possibilities.

As part of a dynamic team, participants are empowered to channel their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills to design, build, and code their very own robots. At this club, imagination knows no bounds!

Mondays from 4th Sep to 9th Oct at 4:30pm-5:45pm

Tuesdays from 23rd Jan to 5th Mar at 4:00pm-5:15pm

Wednesdays from 24th Apr 29th May at 4:00pm-5:15pm

Advanced CoderDojo Coding Club (P4-P7)
Bridge the gap!

Get ready to take coding to the next level!

Building on the skills learned in the original CoderDojo Coding Club, this club provides a smooth bridge between block-based and text-based coding, enabling attendees to delve deeper into coding concepts, while maintaining the accessibility and simplicity of block-based coding and the micro:bit.

Tuesdays from 5th Sep to 10th Oct at 4:30pm-6:00pm

The Tech Treehouse (P4-P7)
Drop-in and grow your projects

Whether you are into coding, robotics, media design, or anything related to technology, The Tech Treehouse is the best space for you to practice your skills, share projects, and get dedicated support.

No problem if you miss a session (even the first) – just continue your project where you left off. We provide equipment, laptops, and resources to get you started.

Fridays from 25th Aug to 13th Oct at 2:00pm-3:00pm

About Hearts of Midlothian FC Digital Education
The Innovation Centre, which is supported by Baillie Gifford, aims to promote community cohesion by helping people and businesses develop important skills. It is hoped that it will play an important role in helping to regenerate the local area.
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