Winners of our video competition

We asked: Why did you get into computing and what do you get out of it?
All the entries were great. Prizes on the way to all the teams.

Thanks to the Turing Testers and Jane Morrison-Ross (CEO of South of Scotland Enterprise) for making some difficult choices.

Thanks to Fridays for Futuring and Barclays for the great prizes.

1st Prize:  Coding Superheroes

Judges’ comments:
“Wow! Great use of statistics and analysis, great real life experiences. Super hero analogy worked well. Good balance of experience and ambition.”
“Really impressive. Love the idea of the trump cards. Good pace.”

Joint 2nd: Be the Voice

Judges’ comments:
“Nicely put together with video, animation and sound. I liked the directness and it gave a good, personal view.”
“Clearly spent time on it, love the graphics. And love the short segments to keep it moving.”

Joint 2nd: Priya

“Nice narrative and lovely to see someone’s story start in primary school. Nice to see examples of practical interventions, and inspiring teaching. The end message was a great finish!”

3rd prize: Scratch The Surface

“A different approach with the video and script, nice to see the demonstration of scratch too. A great effort.”
“Really enjoyable creative idea. Would be perfect if a little more of how they got into it.”

Highly commended: HackFreak

“Lovely little animation.” “Good progression and pace.”

Highly commended: Hollanders

“Nice use of Lego and liked the script and dialogue. To the point! I liked the turnaround at the end too. Nicely done.” “Enjoyable idea. Love the end bit of helping people out. Just diverged a little from the themes.”

Highly commended: NoName

“The anime style was really well done and a nice part of the story. It didn’t respond nearly as fully to the themes as the others, but was well done!” “Lovely art.”