Dell Technologies

At Dell Technologies, we are increasing the diversity of our leadership and of our workforce overall. We want Dell Technologies to be a destination employer for women, where everyone drives to create an inclusive environment, and where women are enabled to achieve their goals at each point in their journey.

Our vision is to build an inclusive community that provides development, leadership, and networking opportunities designed to attract, retain and empower women. To drive this change, our 2030 moonshot goal is that 50% of our global workforce and 40% of our global people leaders will be women. To support this, we invest in STEM initiatives and work with key partners and schools.

Initiatives include Digital Futures, where we speak to secondary school students to help them think about the variety of technology career options available, as well as STEMAspire, a 12-month mentoring program to overcome misperceptions and keep more female university STEM students on the path to technology careers. We also have several internal development programmes to support women at every stage of their careers.