Glasgow Women in Computing Science

Founded in 2018, Glasgow Women in Computer Science (GWiCS) is an organisation that seeks to build a supportive community for women in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. This includes cis and trans women, as well as non-binary individuals. GWiCS aims to support the inclusion and retention of these groups in our community.

GWiCS aims to:

  • Foster a sense of community amongst women in Computing Science through the organisation of social and educational events,
  • Provide opportunity to the community by making useful resources available
  • host speakers from industry and academia,
  • spread the word on CS and technology related workshops,
  • Support the retention of women in CS,
  • Provide education on women’s/diversity issues in CS and STEM,
  • Hold open, inclusive, and welcoming meetings.


Inclusivity: The main goal of GWiCS is to foster an inclusive environment where primarily cis and trans women, as well as non-binary individuals in the School of Computing Science can feel welcome, supported and encouraged.

Professional development: GWiCS aims to support its members by providing resources and opportunities:

  • providing opportunities to network before / after each meeting with attendees and speakers,
  • connecting them with people in academia and industry.

Monthly talks and meet-ups offer a safe place for women, non-binary people, and everyone really, to be more emboldened, visible, and to share their stories.

GWiCS is a nice, friendly, and safe place. We are open to everyone and everyone can benefit from the talks. GWiCS is very inclusive, even to people outside of CS.

At GwiCS events, it’s all about the people that attend. GWiCS aims at providing talks that foster an inclusive, and supportive environment, aiming at providing resources that are helpful for career progression (and really all kinds of other topics related to academia). The speakers at GWiCS events are usually also 50/50 male/female.

The social element of GWiCS (lunches before the events) offered networking opportunities with all levels of careers represented, from the undergrad students, to professors, from our department as well as from other departments and some times industry too. GWiCS aims at being an inviting space where there are no silly questions.


You can also find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

All talks are also available on the University events system.