LT Harper – Cyber Security Recruitment

We are a recognised cybersecurity recruitment agency, focused on sourcing the best cyber talent to secure the digital world. In response to the growing skill gap across the cyber landscape, we offer Permanent, Contingent and Executive recruitment services with a growing global footprint (UK, Europe, USA).

Listening to our customers and building relationships is key to our success. We aim to offer a bespoke service by listening to what’s important to you and tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. That includes simply providing advice or guidance if you aren’t quite ready to take the jump and hire someone or make a job move. We’re passionate about making an impact by helping address the skills shortage in the cyber security sector and making your experience with us a positive one. 

We work exclusively in the cyber security sector so we are constantly gathering information specifically related to the industry and have a thorough knowledge of the talent pools available and companies with plans to add headcount that generalist IT Recruitment agencies may lack. We can help you understand what the trends are in the market, how to attract and retain the best talent and how to secure the most exciting roles.

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