Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca Hansen has dedicated her career to breaking down barriers faced by women starting from an early age playing baseball at 8 in a previously all boys league and then excelling in her academic career with a focus on STEM long before that acronym was born.

Rebecca has served as managing director for Enersoft International (Wyre) since its founding in February 2019. Enersoft’s original focus was to commercialize several products for the electric utility industry developed by Acumen. Based on consumer research and market opportunities, the focus of Enersoft pivoted to building and operating the vehicle ownership platform TryWyre.Com. Ms Hansen has established strategic relationships with several Fortune 100 companies along with building an outstanding management team at Wyre which she is very proud to say is 75% female.

Rebecca Hansen has also served as a director and chair of the executive committee for The Acumen Foundation since its founding in 2010. Acumen is a not for profit organization focused on developing bespoke software solutions for government and corporate customers while providing social impact by providing a route through which traditionally disadvantaged people can launch lucrative and fulfilling IT careers. Acumen has primarily delivered solutions in financial service and the electric utility sectors.

Prior to founding The Acumen Foundation, Rebecca worked with several small startup and business partners providing IT Services to large corporate and public clients. Ms Hansen’s clients during that time were primarily in the Financial Services and Health Care industries. Prior to 1998, Rebecca worked as the lead architect for Asia Pacific Telecommunications from 1994 to 1998. From  1991 to 1994 Rebecca was employed as a technical services engineer at Mobil Oil Corporation. Rebecca received bachelors of science degrees in Chemical Engineering as well as Material Science Engineering from The University of California at Berkeley in May 1991.

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