Using Game Design to Provoke Cybersecurity Discussion

This video resource is brought to you by the School of Simulation and Visualisation at Glasgow School of Art.

Computer games are not just for fun! In this short video, Daisy and Olga talk about their work designing and developing two small games as part of a research project about cybersecurity. The games were designed to be deliberately ‘provoking’. Why? We were using these games not to teach people about cybersecurity exactly… but rather to provoke discussion between cybersecurity experts and novices. You’ll get an insight into how and why the games were designed, what they looked like, and how we used them within our research.

This video is a brilliant resource for aspiring young game designers and codes. The content is suitable for S3 upwards.
This is a three part activity:
1 – watch the video by Daisy and Olga
2 – play the games
3 – watch this space for a follow up live Q&A with Daisy and Olga
You can get started now…
Watch the video

Play the games