CodeBase LevelUp: Digital Skills 4 Girls

CodeBase and Creative Informatics are delighted to be offering not one but two Digital Skills 4 Girls workshops as part of the Ada Scotland Festival!

Here are the recorded versions:

When: 13th October, 5pm – 6pm

What: Two LevelUp Digital Skills 4 Girls workshops to increase learning in programming concepts, develop computer skills and hear from women working in the world of tech about how they got started.

Session 1: Create Your Own Minecraft World Using Javascript

17:00 – 17:30

What should I expect? A friendly and informal ‘how to’ tutorial with LevelUp mentor Vanessa.

What will I learn? Vanessa will talk you through how to complete challenges in the Minecraft world. Learn the basics of coding using Javascript.There’s an opportunity to code your own Minecraft world at the end!

Who is it for? Girls aged 10-14 (approx) who are interested in learning new coding skills or improving existing skills.

Session 2: Build Your Own Platform Video Game

17:30 – 18:00

What should I expect: A friendly and informal session with LevelUp mentor Kelly.

What will I learn? Kelly will take you through the basics of building your own platform video game with Make Code Arcade. Create your own sprite, background and platforms in this easy to follow webinar.

Who is it for? Girls aged 10-14 who wants to learn more about coding. Suitable for beginners.

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