CSSMeet – Teaching to Inspire Gender Balance

CSSMeet – Teaching to Improve Diversity

Join us for an exciting online event focused on promoting diversity in computer science education! This meetup is designed for all teachers delivering Computing Science including probationers, primary teachers and PGDE students. You will hear about the landscape of Computing Science with a focus on the gender gap. Together, we’ll identify good initiatives and tools in this area, share and celebrate success stories in your own classroom, and opportunity to share individual practical things people would like to try.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 at 7pm – 8:15pm to be part of this inspiring gathering. Connect virtually with like-minded individuals and work together to help close the gender gap in Computing Science.

6:50pm – 7pm 
– Joining – Chance to login and access the board.
7pm – 7:15pm – Welcome and Landscape  Brief introduction and chance to hear about the data around the gender gap in Computing Science.
pm – 7:30pm – Roadmap of Initiatives – Collaborative activity sharing initiatives, tools and opportunities out there to inspire female pupils at every age and stage of their Computing Science journey in school. We are also working with our partner Computing Science Scotland and have a folder on #cssdrive where people can drop in any resources, research, posters etc you’d like to share with the Computing Science teacher community.
7:30pm – 7:40pm – Celebrating Success –  Collaborative activity celebrating your individual successes no matter how small!
7:40pm – 7:55pm – Charting a Course for Change 
– Collaborative activity for individual to identify what they’d like to try in their classroom and what support is needed if any. Be bold.
7:55pm – 8:10pm – Event Wrap Up – Opportunity for discussion and questions.
8:10pm – 8:20pm – After Party – Opportunity to stay on the call for after party hangout – a chance to connect and join informal chat.

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19:00 to 20:30 Wednesday 25 October 2023