At ENUSEC, we host weekly meetups for our members, during which we either present on a topic within cyber-security, host practical sessions on platforms such as TryHackMe, Hack The Box and Immersive Labs or assist with any deadlines our members may have. With numerous alumni of ENUSEC working for a range of companies, we wish to share our network with members to help them further their career portfolio in turn helping to acquire jobs or placements within industry. In addition, we use this network to obtain industry speakers to come in and present on a variety of topics, such as interview tips and tricks as well as research their company are undertaking, which has been a success in past events for our “Evening of Talks”.

Our aim is to encourage anyone and everyone to get involved within the cyber-security scene. However, this year we are pushing to break down the stigma and encourage more women to take interest. Our main target are those in colleges and schools as that is where the stigma start, we are working along side Napier to provide cyber-safety talks and get involved in teaching about cyber-security and what it is like to study computing stem subjects at university.

We are also considering the possibility of hosting practical sessions using CTF ( a cyber-security practical competition demonstrating real skills) challenges for those studying computing as a subject (leaning towards higher/advanced higher) and college classes. Our flagship event Le Tour Du Hack also offers a great opportunity to network with industry sponsors and speakers while they present on a range of subjects from cyber-security areas (eg. How to use Applications, Digital Forensics). The event also hosts a CTF competition where students from across the country come to compete, offering a chance to sharpen skills while interacting with others who have similar interests.