Change your School with Serious Games

Live: 20 October 2021 at 4-6pm

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A workshop to help school teachers identify changes they want to bring about within their schools, and design serious games to help enact that change.

Ada Scot Festival is all about driving change in the numbers of young women who discover computing. As a teacher, you may already understand the power of serious games to bring about such change. This workshop is your opportunity to design serious games that help drive greater gender balance in computer science within school.

Using a new method of Serious Games Rapid Online Co-Design – the workshop will help you identify the in-school changes you want to see, then rigorously develop a prototype game or playful activity to enact those changes.

The focus of this workshop will be on non-digital games. We have availability for just 2 participants, so if you are eager to explore powerful new ways to engineer change within your school, please sign up now.

About Serious Games:

Serious games have the potential to help drive change processes but require rigorous, interdisciplinary design to be effective. Co-design with teachers is recognized as being crucial to the suitability and successful implementation of serious games in schools.

Building on the latest research in serious game design for education and distributed co-design methods, this new method of Serious Games Rapid Online Co-Design is a highly visual, structured workflow focused on swift knowledge exchange between teachers and game experts that feedback has already shown to deliver effective results.

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