Helena Good

Helena Good

The multi-award winning Helena Good is founder, Director and hands-on driving force behind Daydream Believers (DDB) – A group of passionate, award-winning educators, employers and students who came together to put creativity at the heart of education.  Starting as a classroom collaboration with creative agencies, DDB has grown into a treasure trove of classroom resources to support creative learning across age groups and disciplines.

In 2021 the Creative Thinking qualification was launched which has now been adopted by over 35 High Schools with numbers set to double in the current academic year. A brilliant collaboration with D&AD in 2022 saw the first ever New Gen Awards all being awarded to a Scottish high school teams Prior to being full time at DDB Helena was a Design Lecturer at Edinburgh College, having previously worked in a Design Agency for seven years – weirdly exactly as her young university self predicted in a lightening bolt moment of clarity.

What was your first career aspiration as a child?
My first ambition was to be an actor/singer/dancer. However, coming from a family of educators the teaching gene kicked in early and I subjected my siblings to my “Summer School” you can imagine how popular that idea was!  At High School I discovered my love for art and marrying that with my desire to educate led me down the path I travelled.

What would you tell your teenage self?
Don’t take yourself too seriously (we worry too much what other people think of us).
Dream Big – acting small serves no one. Believe you can achieve what you want.
And write down what you want from life. Committing your dreams to paper is a powerful act. But don’t be vague, be specific.

What has been the biggest challenge in your life, work or otherwise (you choose)?
Definitely the leap from a secure vocation as a lecturer in design for 26 years to working full time on Daydream Believers (DDB). But I had to practice what I preach, having told my students for years “leap and the net will appear”. I leapt and it was scary but it is one of the best decision I have ever made.

What is your super power?
Collaboration is my super power and DDB is all about collaboration. I enjoy building connections and seeing the impact of this on our teachers and learners.

Who has been a big/biggest inspiration in your life?

My 85-year-old mum is my biggest inspiration. She has a curiosity for life and is always interested and that makes her interesting. She has been a brilliant support, and her little sayings resonate throughout my life. My dream would be to as full of life and spirit and generosity as she is when I am 85.

What is your spirit animal?
A wolf because I like the concept of a protective pack. There is also something magical about the night and the moon…

Connect with Helena https://www.linkedin.com/in/helena-good-2060a11a/

Find out more about DDB and the Creative Thinking Qualification https://daydreambelievers.co.uk/

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