Scottish AI Playbook Editathon with DataFest Fringe and

Want to get involved with developing the Scottish AI Playbook wiki while learning new skills in wiki editing? Then the Scottish AI Playbook Editathon is for you!

An editathon is an event where a group of people get together to contribute to a wiki around a particular theme. For the Scottish AI Playbook Editathon, we will be running twin tracks around Inclusivity Resources and Technical Resources.

So whether you have some information on Inclusivity and artificial intelligence that you think should be on the Scottish AI Playbook, you want to expand our Technical AI resources, or you want to learn how the wiki world works, then this editathon is where you want to be.

Held in conjunction with the DataFest Fringe and the Ada Scotland Festival, the Scottish AI Playbook Editathon will give you an introduction to our Playbook, a review of the resources we are looking for (plus a list of resources available if you just want to get creating!), as well as a demo and training session on how to create and edit pages on the Scottish AI Playbook.

There will be plenty of support, community and opportunities for collaboration available, whether you’re a seasoned wiki pro or a complete newbie.

Want to get a better idea of what the Scottish AI Playbook is all about? Head over to and request an account so you can get to grips with the platform.

Sign up here via Ticket Tailor and you will receive an email with further joining instructions.

10:00 Friday 28 October 2022