Tech Women Talk Opportunities

Online Event: 20 October 2021 at 5pm

Watch a recording of this brilliant event on YouTube:

You may not see yourself as a pure “techie” but with other skills (like good communication and creative thinking) you have the technical know-how for many career paths.

At this panel discussion, meet a group of successful women who prove that, in the worlds of tech and computer science, there’s room for brilliant minds of every kind.

Ask any group of tech women to describe their routes into the industry and chances are you’ll get a different answer from them all. That’s because there’s no single route into tech. There’s no ‘right’ way to approach a tech/digital career. But however you do it, there are opportunities to be found – and those opportunities are endless.

If you’ve ever thought that you don’t fit the ‘traditional model of a techie, prepare to meet a whole group of women who didn’t (and don’t) either, but that hasn’t stopped them from using their creative, analytical, technical and/or strategic minds to forge brilliant careers in tech. And each one arrived at their current role in very different ways.


Amandine Eap, Front-end Developer at After Digital

Rosa Downing, Developer at Dog Digital

Busra Sengal, .Net/Umbraco Developer at Bump Digitalmbraco MVP

Bethany Johnson, Test Engineer at Storm ID

Left to right: Rosa Downing, Amandine Eap, Busra Sengal