Why you (and your children) should know about the world of technology

In this presentation you will find out about the fantastic opportunities that exist in the world of technology and how knowing about technology can open up a rewarding career.

About the speaker

Tasha is a Business Analyst working in Wholesale Credit Risk Transformation Technology on a strategic Machine Learning based Platform.

The machine learning platform is used for strategic models that enable automated alerts and line sizing on public cloud. Wholesale Credit Transformation is focused on reimagining and optimizing processes and providing data analytics and solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Wholesale Credit risk management

Working across business partners and other technology teams Tasha’s responsibilities include defining business requirements and technical specifications, stakeholder management and project deliverable prioritisation.

Tasha holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Since joining the firm in 2014 she has been involved in regulatory and front office projects within the Corporate Risk & Finance space. Throughout her time at JP Morgan, Tasha has been involved heavily with the Glasgow diversity agenda working to promote and retain woman in the firm as well as recruit strong female talent.