Ada Scotland Schools Giveaway – Part 2!

We’re giving teachers in Scotland another chance to win a bundle of excellent merchandise for their schools!

The bundles include t-shirts (in kids’ sizes), badges, and water bottles.

How to enter

Teachers can enter the giveaway in two ways…

By signing up for one of the following events* using your or @glow email address:

By tweeting about the Festival using the hashtag #adateachers and tagging @adascot.

The giveaway will end on our launch day, 13 October 2020, Friday 16 October so get tweeting or signing up (and, yes, you can do both and get two entries!) We can only ship the merchandise to a school address in Scotland.

* These are just the events that the Ada Scotland team are running on Eventbrite. There are lots of other events happening, and you should totally check them out.