dressCode’s Hopper Awards

The aim of this award is to provide a specific opportunity for female pupils to achieve success in Computing Science in their school. This award is supported by JPMorgan, we hope that this also raises awareness to parents and guardians that Computing Science is an important subject. There is one FREE award available for every secondary school in Scotland. The name of our award is “The Hopper Award for Excellence in Computing Science” named in honour of Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer programming. Find out more and apply for your Award Continue reading dressCode’s Hopper Awards

Ada Scotland Inspiring Teacher Award 2022

Do you know a teacher in Scotland who has gone the extra mile to encourage girls to get into computing?

Perhaps someone who’s inspired their female pupils in class, run a coding club for girls, or simply had some extra words of encouragement for a female pupil with an interest in computers?

If so, please nominate them for the Ada Scotland Inspiring Teacher Award 2022! Continue reading Ada Scotland Inspiring Teacher Award 2022